About Me

Hello there, and welcome!

My name’s Daniel, and I founded this website to provide you, the reader and automobile owner, with information about how jump-starters work, the different types of boxes, technology used, and an explanation of how they’re powered. I’ve also included a lot of information that I’ve collected over the years both through my own notes and experiences, research, and interacting with mechanics or other car owners just like you – browsing the world wide web to try to find the most helpful, informative, and practical information for getting started with the best jump starter for my vehicle.

While I myself am no mechanic, I’m absolutely a car enthusiast and lover of the great technology that’s contributed to people all over the world being able to get from Point A to Point B quickly, reliably, and consistently – no matter where. From starting off with my first car, a Honda Civic that read 224,000 miles, to going through the Nissan Altima/Maxima ‘craze’, and finding myself being more of an import car enthusiast than actual owner – ouch! Have you seen the costs for repairs and maintenance on a BMW?

Anyway, you’re here the same reason I was, to figure out how jump starters work, what the different types are, what makes sense for you and your budget, which are the most reliable, what they excel at best, and for me to guide you along the way as best as possible to make the most profitable, long-term investment for the safety and reliability of using your vehicle to get around.

I like cars a lot, and while I’ve had the pleasure like plenty of others driving a brand new car, leasing one, or renting a nice, new 2016 Dodge Charger and enjoying the ‘roar’, I’ve found over time that no matter how new, used, or old a vehicle may be that based on the ways you treat and maintain your car you may or may not have a time in which your battery fails to start. In particular, the condition and how you maintain your electric system, power, and your alternator can make all the difference in likelihood of a dead battery or breaking down. Although, the culprit could be something as ‘simple’ as having left the lights on all night, a tough time starting because of the cold, a poor connection, such as dirt or debris, or something more serious like it being time to replace your car battery.

Never the less, I’m confident you – much like me – will find it useful to invest in some type of jump starter, no matter how little or much you’re willing to spend. After all, if it’s making a purchase like this, having to call on a friend, or wait hours for a road assistance vehicle out in the middle of nowhere you and I both likely know what the better investment is both short and long term. Best of all, a lot of these jump starters are designed to deliver to your battery the necessary power and a (safe) amount of amps to get you back on the road, safe, and sound.