Best Cigarette Lighter Jump Starter

One of the most controversial ways of jump starting a car is by using a really long cable and the cigarette port of the car. The obvious advantage in using that port is the fact that it allows you to start the car without having to open the hood, getting the polarities right, or even having to go on a quest for your battery, because on some cars it can be hidden under the passenger seat or in the boot of the car. However, there are several problems with this system, not the least of which being the fact that the cables and the charging ports need to be of the best quality so that enough power will flow from one car to the other. There is also the fact that the flow of current through the cigarette lighter itself is relatively low so, depending on your engine size and manufacture you may have to wait for up to 20 minutes for the dead battery to pick up enough charge to get the car started. That is because through this method you are not really jump starting the car, in the sense of using the power of a donor car to start your own, but actually charging back your car’s battery so that it will be able to start the engine on its own power.

Best Cigarette Lighter Jump Starter

Best Cigarette Lighter Jump Starter


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Knowing all that, we knew we had a pretty difficult task ahead when we started to look for the best cigarette lighter jump starter on the market. We eventually ended up choosing the Eurow Easy Quick Jumper for several reasons, not the least of which being the fact that its affordable price range and the fact that it really does get the job done. We tested it with an old Mitsubishi Galant with a 2.4 engine and a dead battery. It charged the battery on the Mitsubishi, which is a relatively big car with a heavy engine, in about 10 minutes. The great thing about the Eurow Easy Quick Jumper is that it also has a battery tester head, and that can really come in handy because, if the battery on the donor car is not fully charged, then that car will use most of its power to charge its own battery and you will have to wait that much longer until your dead battery gets enough of charge.

Of course, the most important features on a cigarette lighter jump starter are actually its weight and ease of use. The Eurow Easy Quick Jumper aces both of these tests as it is small enough to be easily stored in the glove compartment, and the cable is soft and pliable so you can just neatly bundle it up. The other great thing about the Eurow is the fact that the cable is very long so you should have absolutely no problems reaching over from one car’s cigarette port to another even if you are using huge trucks and you are not exactly a car parking maverick.

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