Best Jumper Cables

A good set of jumper cables are so important and so guaranteed to be useful at one point or another, that they should be mandatory present in any car. Even if you are sure that your battery is of the best quality, and even if you change it regularly, there will come a time when someone else will need you to give them a jump start.

There is, however, a more important point to be made, which is that not every product on the market today that is labeled as jumper cables, is actually up to the task of starting a car whose battery has died. The problem is that the jumper cable is a conduit driving power from one car to another.

The narrower the road, the less power will be able to pass through it, and there is a point where there is so little power trickling through that you simply cannot jump start another car. Of course, it all depends on the engine size, because the bigger the engine, the more power it will need to start.

And there are other aspects to consider, like the position of the battery in the car, the quality and age of the cables and the power of the donor car. So we decided to create the following list with the best jumper cables on the market.

The thing is that different people will need different cables, so we choose several options that will meet any type of needs. For that reason you should make sure to scroll past the following list where we are only highlighting the most interesting features of each product, and check out the in depth reviews we have created for each one.


AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable (4326AAA)


AAA 4326AAA Heavy Duty 16' 6 Gauge Booster Cable
  • AAA QUALITY:  These auto jumper cables come backed by the best known name...
  • GAUGE POWER:  With jumpstarting a car its key to remember; the smaller the...
  • CABLE LENGTH:  16ft / 4.8M length cables gives you the right length wire...
  • PERFECT SIZE:  Clamps are the perfect size to fit the top and side post...
  • CAR/TRUCK/SUV:  Our cables feature quality six gauge wire with insulated...

If you own a big, heavy SUV or anyone of the powerful American muscle cars, you can be sure that your engine requires a lot of power to get started. If that describes you then it would be better to go with the other great option on our list, the Autogen.

However, most people do not actually own as many large SUVs as one would think, and most SUV drivers will fall into one of two categories. Either they already have several jumper cables or they call road side assistance when in need.

If you are one of those people who enjoy taking charge of their lives, but do not have a particularly strong mechanical inclination, than the AAA 6 Gouge booster cables are the perfect choice for you. They will jump start a smaller car almost instantly, but they will need a little time to get a bigger car ready to turn over.

The advantage though, is that they are big enough to get you back on the road within minutes, and yet thin enough that hey will work wonders even in absolute freezing conditions.


AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit


Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit, 42 Piece Emergency Car Kit...
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Keep in your car
  • 8 gauge heavy duty booster cable
  • Compact storage bag with handles
  • Most trusted name in travel

There are several other essentials that you should always have in your car, so our second choice is actually a tool kit built around the booster cable. It contains an 8 gouge jumper cable that is 8 feet long.

That is a sufficient length for most situations although there will clearly come at time where you will have to maneuver your car very carefully to get the cable to reach from one battery to another.

However, being an 8 gauge cable, you will need to treat it more as a booster cable than an actual jumper cable. That means you will need to exercise patience and just let the donor car charge the flat battery for 10 to 15 minutes before attempting to turn the engine over.

Besides the cable you also get a flash light, first aid kit, a poncho, a safety vest, and basically everything you need to keep you safe in case your car gives out for one reason or another.


Autogen 1 Gouge Jumper Cables

AUTOGEN Jumper Cables 1 Gauge 30 Ft 900A Heavy Duty Booster...
  • ✅ 100% COPPER JAW - JAW designed with an extra thick PVC Cover providing...
  • ✅ CONDUCTIVITY - Highly conductive Copper Coated Aluminum (CCA) conductor...
  • ✅ TOP AND SIDE - Easily fits both top and side post batteries
  • ✅FLEXIBILITY - Tangle free PVC-insolation wires which remain flexible at...

Interestingly enough, the biggest problem people who have never used jumper cables before have, is not with actually connecting the cables or with getting the car to start up again, but to actually aligning the 2 cars so that the cables will reach.

So the Autogen 1 Gouge Jumper Cables are the longest jumper cable on our list, at 30 feet long. It is a gouge 1, so there is literally no car that cannot be jump started by using this cable. You will need to make sure that the donor car is of equal size or bigger than the car that is being jump started, but except for that, these cables are more than capable of handling any load.

The one obvious problem you will have when jump starting a car with the Autogen jumper cables is that they are so thick, you will need to put some effort into getting them in place. The are not only thick but they are also long so that makes them even more difficult to maneuver. However, all of that effort is dwarfed by the fact that these jumper cables make starting a car an absolute breeze.


DLUX 6 Gauge No Tangle Battery Booster Cables


SUPER HEAVY DUTY 500 amp 6 gauge No Tangle Battery Booster...
  • 500 amp,12 ft, 6 gauges
  • Color Coordinated Clamps
  • No Tangle Dual construction
  • Free Travel Bag Included!!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

As we have stated in the beginning of this talk, there are enough excellent options on the market to satisfy any taste. Say, you have a big engine that take a lot of space in the front of the car and you need a set of cables that is both long enough to span the entire engine, and reach the donor car, and you need them to be thick enough to transfer enough power that you car will start. Well, in that case your best option is the 6 gauge No Tangle Battery Booster cables. They are a set of 12 feet cables with a 6 gauge, so they will fit comfortable under any seat in the car and you will be able to use them even in the coldest of winters. However, their elasticity and their weight comes at a cost. At a gouge of 6, these cables will need to transfer some power from a running car to the flat battery before, together, they might be able to jump start it. Anything bellow 6 liters should be able to start after a quick 10 minute charging session, but bigger engines will need a little bit more time to be ready to go.


Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables


Cartman Booster Cables in Carry Bag, 6 Gauge 16 Feet Jump...
  • 5 Year Warranty!
  • Patented design of inside tongue for double connection with battery...
  • Fits top and side post batteries. Luxurious carry bag for free. Twice grip...
  • TPR material of cable, low temperature immunity (-25C/-13F). Sufficient...
  • UL listed: AU5253. Idea for use with full size cars, mid-size pickup trucks...

Our final choice is also the lightest and most versatile set of jumper cables, the Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables. They are rightly called booster cables because, at 6 gauge these cables could not jump start a Peugeot 106 connected to a Humvee from the first try.

However, they are light, and at 20 feet they are also long enough that you will not risk hitting the other car while you are positioning them.

The only thing is that the dead car’s battery needs to be able to hold a charge and you will need to let the engine run in the donor car, with the cables connected for at least 15 minutes before you try to start the other car. However, if you are willing to do that, the Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables do make for excellent jumper cables.

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    somehow i think these rating are reversed. the smaller the gauge # the heavier the cables. the smaller the gauge # the better the ability to start more powerful vehicles. the review above states the 2 gauge cartman heavy duty booster cables is the “lightest” set reviewed. and they could not jump-start a small car.

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