Clore JNC300XL Jump-N-Start Review

Being able to carry your jump starter around easily and comfortably is one of the most important features people want available in their perfect jump starter. It does not matter how much power a jump starter is able to pump into your battery if carrying it around is a nuisance.

You never know where and when your battery is going to run out, so you need to keep carrying your jump starter with you even when changing vehicles, on your boat, or even to help a neighbor or a friend.

And although the Clore JNC660 which we declared  overall the best jump starter is extremely portable, another model in the series,  the Clore JNC300XL Jump-N-Start ultraportable jump starter has taken the first place for our best portable jump starter.


Clore JNC300XL Jump-N-Start Review

Clore JNC300XL Jump-N-Start Ultraportable Jump Starter


Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Jump...
  • 900 peak amps; 225 cranking amps
  • 27" #4 AWG cables
  • 12V LED flashlight
  • DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories
  • Full size clamps to penetrate corrosion

After countless portable jump starter reviews, we have decided on this model as the most affordable and most portable jump starter for our readers.

Weighting just around 9 pounds, this jump starter is able to power up any car battery with up to 900 peak amps effortlessly. Do not let its small size impress you, this jump starter is able to revive any disabled battery thanks to the internal PROFORMER battery utilized, a trademark invention of Clore Automobile.

Like all high quality jump starters, the cables and clamps are able to penetrate the surface corrosion layer in order to establish a good electrical connection.

Portability has been the most important feature in designing this jump starter and that can be easily seen in how it’s shaped. With a top handle for easy gripping and a flashlight for emergency scenarios this all-in-one solution is not larger or heavier than a briefcase while at the same time delivering more power than much larger jump starters and is able to get you out of any panic situations.

Being your car battery died, or a larger vehicle like an SUV, minivan or even a boat, the Clore JNC300XL Jump-N-Start jump starter is the best portable jump starter on the market.

How to Charge Your Clore Jump Starter

The great thing about the Clore is that it can actually be used to power a lot of other items than just your car. It has a built in 12 volt outlet which means you can power almost any type of home appliance, provided it was designed to work on 12 volt power.

That means it is actually a good thing if you decide to buy a separate tire inflator that works on 12 volt power sources. That way, you can extend the usefulness of your jump starter to be useful throughout the year. In case you did not know, modern tire inflators come with different accessories that will allow you to inflate anything from beach balls to air mattresses.

What you need to keep in mind is that, whether you use it or not, the jump starter will loose power over time. By using it as often as you can, you can be sure that it will be charged the moment when you need it most.

The charging process for the Clore JNC300XL jump starter is fairly straight forward: all you need to do is plug it in to a regular 120 socket and let it charge until the green light turns on. However, you should know that every charge leads your charger’s battery closer to the moment when it will need to be replaced.

The challenge then becomes to get as much use out of your new jump starter without overusing it too much. It is for that reason that you should have a tire inflator and perhaps a cooler that can work off the 12 volt power source but no more. The balance between using the jump starter and letting it simply waste away has to do with find the right amount of use that will make it useful but not over exploit it.

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    It is a fine jump starter. I wish it came in a variety of colors.

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